Because small businesses are not important but the most important!

After celebrating 5.Birthday of Varazdin crafts portal, whose member is Kookabee almost from the beginning, and I am also one of its columnists, still under the impression of the celebration I wrote this column:

“A girl, like all the others, loved to play with dolls. And she loved to draw. But most of all she loved sewing for her dolls. The bag of colorful rags, someone’s trash, of which she could sew dresses for her dolls, was the best gift. When she grow up, she learned to use her mother’s old sewing machine and started sewing clothes for herself and her friends. There weren’t any shopping centers yet, neither a huge choice. Then she earned and bought her first sewing machine. Then she finally earned a degree and became a fashion designer. She started working for the company. Selecting fabrics, drawing sketches, making collections, traveling and investigating. Then she became a craft owner. Now she is a seamstress. I’m thinking, is this degradation?

A customer entered and ordered a dress. The designer drew a sketch. Sketch was a wonderful,  customer happy. I trust you completely that you’ll know to make such a beautiful dress. Her cell phone rang, I can’t talk right now, i am with the designer. They bought together a beautiful fabric. She made the pattern for that wonderful but complicated dress. She sewed the test – of cheap, replacement fabric, like she usually does when it comes to demanding cut. She invited the customer to the fitting of the probe cut. But the test was not successful, patternmaker made a mistake and should start from the beginning. It happens, it’s a pattern. The customer is in panic. Her cell phone rang, I can’t talk right now, i am with seamstress.

Did the change of the title occurred intentionally or accidentally? Is the designer offended? The dress was finished, more beautiful than she imagined, unique, special and fitting her perfectly. The customer is happy again. The designer, seamstress and pattermaker are satisfied. So how important is her title and is it a compliment to hear “you are lucky, you’ve got talent”?

It took a lot of time, effort and struggle for a designer to become a seamstress. But she is not only that – she is a manager, director, bookkeeper and accountant. She is PR, VM, procurement, trade and marketing. She is a stylist, art director and columnist. She is cleaner. She is a artisan. But everyone except seamstress in this company are volunteering. But the state does not volunteer, rent is not free, the tax has to be paid.

Seamstress still sits every day behind her machine and with a smile sewing that new creation, while the next one is already hanging in the designers mind. Crazy woman you might think, but both madness and love comes from the same seed.

So next time when you want to have a unique custom-made creation, consider first whether you can afford it. It will certainly be more expensive than one of a thousand same mass brand products in one of the many centers today. Maybe it wont. But certainly it will be made to your measures. And your desire. Unique.

Seamstress and designer and pattermakers and directors of the entrepreneurs and craftsmen celebrated together in style the fifth birthday of our Crafts portal. This is a place that grew out of the idea and enthusiasm of such entrepreneur. For five years this place supports and encourages us small to strengthen and to grow. Over time we have become like a family, we connect and collaborate, regardless of the titles. We celebrated our courage, our madness and love that drives and motivates us to continue the path that we have set, despite all the obsticles. We spiced the celebration  with fashion shows that were worn by the women craftsmen and entrepreneurs. We drank wine, ate cake, we sang and danced, and then even more encouraged went on.

When there are those of you who appreciate us small, your neighbor artisan, seamstress, a hairdresser, Susteren and locksmiths, local pastry chef and florist, while you know that this is offer you will not find in any shopping center, we will be there for you. In the neighborhood, in the city center, in the nearby. And the city will live. Because small businesses are not important but the most important! “