Castle Maruševac – fabulous scenery for Kookabee flower fairies

One of the first sunny days of spring, we did a great photoshooting of Kookabee dresses at the fairy-tale like scenary of castle Maruševec. In the relaxed atmosphere, everything went according to plan. Even the wind was blowing to our favor exactly when we needed it, to draw out the beauty of wonderful silk dresses. Girls who become a flower fairies for this opportunity are not professional models, they are friends and acquaintances who, as in the photographs as well as in private life, attract attention with their unusual beauty, as well as their abilities. Arheologist, lawyer, singer, mountain climber, a social worker … Anja Krtanjek, Maja Grgurić, Morana Krpan and Matea Mašić-Urvan, each in their own way beautiful, special and unique. I am very grateful that they have accepted to be our faries for this occasion.

The idea for photographing at a mythical place Maruševec came from the photographer Martina Špoljarić-Pracaić, which I gladly accepted. Visit the gallery to see all the photos.

Floral decorations made by Ela Petrinić – Poppy Flower Shop, as well as the unusual and delightful umbrella of rose petals, gave that final touch to our faries. Makeup and hairstyles this time were not left to the experts, because we wanted to achieve pure natural look. That’s why the girls makeup them self, and their hairs remained disbanded.

kookabee maruševec1

Behind the camera was also Emil Herceg ( and occasionally me) shooting movie clips throughout the day, which we later edited in the video. You can see how that turned out in the video section, catch a little atmosphere of our day on Maruševec. As the castle is privately owned, we have asked (and got) the permission and support of the owner g. Maximillian von Pongratz, for which we are sincerely grateful!

Until some next fun and creative photoshooting, greetings and thanks to all!