Castle Maruševac – fabulous scenery for Kookabee flower fairies ››

One of the first sunny days of spring, we did a great photoshooting of Kookabee dresses at the fairy-tale like scenary of castle Maruševec. In the relaxed atmosphere, everything went according to plan. Even the wind was blowing to our favor exactly when we needed it, to draw out the beauty of wonderful silk dresses. Girls who become a flower fairies for this opportunity are not professional models, they are friends and acquaintances who, as in the photographs as well as in private life, attract attention with their unusual beauty, as well as their abilities. Arheologist, lawyer, singer, mountain climber, a social worker … Anja Krtanjek, Maja Grgurić, Morana Krpan and Matea Mašić-Urvan, each in their own way beautiful, special and unique. I am very grateful that they have accepted to be our faries for this occasion.

The idea for photographing at a mythical place Maruševec came from the photographer Martina Špoljarić-Pracaić, which I gladly accepted. Visit the gallery to see all the photos.

Floral decorations made by Ela Petrinić – Poppy Flower Shop, as well as the unusual and delightful umbrella of rose petals, gave that final touch to our faries. Makeup and hairstyles this time were not left to the experts, because we wanted to achieve pure natural look. That’s why the girls makeup them self, and their hairs remained disbanded.

kookabee maruševec1

Behind the camera was also Emil Herceg ( and occasionally me) shooting movie clips throughout the day, which we later edited in the video. You can see how that turned out in the video section, catch a little atmosphere of our day on Maruševec. As the castle is privately owned, we have asked (and got) the permission and support of the owner g. Maximillian von Pongratz, for which we are sincerely grateful!

Until some next fun and creative photoshooting, greetings and thanks to all!

Because small businesses are not important but the most important! ››

After celebrating 5.Birthday of Varazdin crafts portal, whose member is Kookabee almost from the beginning, and I am also one of its columnists, still under the impression of the celebration I wrote this column:

“A girl, like all the others, loved to play with dolls. And she loved to draw. But most of all she loved sewing for her dolls. The bag of colorful rags, someone’s trash, of which she could sew dresses for her dolls, was the best gift. When she grow up, she learned to use her mother’s old sewing machine and started sewing clothes for herself and her friends. There weren’t any shopping centers yet, neither a huge choice. Then she earned and bought her first sewing machine. Then she finally earned a degree and became a fashion designer. She started working for the company. Selecting fabrics, drawing sketches, making collections, traveling and investigating. Then she became a craft owner. Now she is a seamstress. I’m thinking, is this degradation?

A customer entered and ordered a dress. The designer drew a sketch. Sketch was a wonderful,  customer happy. I trust you completely that you’ll know to make such a beautiful dress. Her cell phone rang, I can’t talk right now, i am with the designer. They bought together a beautiful fabric. She made the pattern for that wonderful but complicated dress. She sewed the test – of cheap, replacement fabric, like she usually does when it comes to demanding cut. She invited the customer to the fitting of the probe cut. But the test was not successful, patternmaker made a mistake and should start from the beginning. It happens, it’s a pattern. The customer is in panic. Her cell phone rang, I can’t talk right now, i am with seamstress.

Did the change of the title occurred intentionally or accidentally? Is the designer offended? The dress was finished, more beautiful than she imagined, unique, special and fitting her perfectly. The customer is happy again. The designer, seamstress and pattermaker are satisfied. So how important is her title and is it a compliment to hear “you are lucky, you’ve got talent”?

It took a lot of time, effort and struggle for a designer to become a seamstress. But she is not only that – she is a manager, director, bookkeeper and accountant. She is PR, VM, procurement, trade and marketing. She is a stylist, art director and columnist. She is cleaner. She is a artisan. But everyone except seamstress in this company are volunteering. But the state does not volunteer, rent is not free, the tax has to be paid.

Seamstress still sits every day behind her machine and with a smile sewing that new creation, while the next one is already hanging in the designers mind. Crazy woman you might think, but both madness and love comes from the same seed.

So next time when you want to have a unique custom-made creation, consider first whether you can afford it. It will certainly be more expensive than one of a thousand same mass brand products in one of the many centers today. Maybe it wont. But certainly it will be made to your measures. And your desire. Unique.

Seamstress and designer and pattermakers and directors of the entrepreneurs and craftsmen celebrated together in style the fifth birthday of our Crafts portal. This is a place that grew out of the idea and enthusiasm of such entrepreneur. For five years this place supports and encourages us small to strengthen and to grow. Over time we have become like a family, we connect and collaborate, regardless of the titles. We celebrated our courage, our madness and love that drives and motivates us to continue the path that we have set, despite all the obsticles. We spiced the celebration  with fashion shows that were worn by the women craftsmen and entrepreneurs. We drank wine, ate cake, we sang and danced, and then even more encouraged went on.

When there are those of you who appreciate us small, your neighbor artisan, seamstress, a hairdresser, Susteren and locksmiths, local pastry chef and florist, while you know that this is offer you will not find in any shopping center, we will be there for you. In the neighborhood, in the city center, in the nearby. And the city will live. Because small businesses are not important but the most important! “

Wedding Days, Varaždin 2015. ››

As part of the Wedding Days held recently in Varazdin, traditionaly Kookabee  presented its work to the audience and future spouses.

With retro decorated booth crowded with small things from the last century, carefully combined with modern details, we took our visitors in another era.

Together with Kookabee, for the first time we presented a new concept – Merry po meri. Within this project, we tried to complete the offer of services which are necessary for any successful organization of celebration or event. This time, of course, the focus was on the wedding. But not any wedding, thematic wedding to remember! Your wedding can also be inspired by a theme, which of course you choose yourself. Maybe as a period of the past, as we tried to present with our booth at the fair, or maybe a book, a movie, anything that inspires or motivates you. Why not celebrate the wedding even more cheerful and original, so that your guests remembers it and talk about it for a long time after.


To our guests at the fair we offered a glass of the wine by Kerman winery, titbits by restaurant Bedem, sweet by Šešet. Floral decorations that adorned the booth were the work of the florist Flora Rustica.
To the future spouses, we gave away a valuable gift bags so that they can remember us when they arrive home. We have given them vial of wine and garter together with an advertising brochure with valuable discounts.


In addition to the stand, Kookabee traditionally presented it’s work with the fashion show, which along with the “big” girls for the first time featured small models Hugo and Vida. With them, we demonstrated the breadth bids offered by Kookabee, where with the lovely dresses and other garments for adults, we offer suits and dresses for children. Our small professionals won the hearts of the audience and deservedly got the biggest applause!


You can see all the photos in the photo gallery under “fashion shows” which was shoot by Mario Mavriček for Photo Merlić, and for those who prefer to experience the live image we recorded the video.

Photo shoot of the Wedding dresses for 2015. ››

We have just launch a new campaign of the Wedding Dresses for 2015.

This collection is characterized by gentle romantic wedding dresses, made of layers of silk, lace, tulle and brocade.

Every dress is sewn in Kookabee design studio in Varazdin, with the greatest care and craftmenship. Each new dress for us is a special challenge and the word “impossible” does not exist here.

This campaign is evoked fairytale and somewhat mystical images of the bride in retro style as forest fairy.

Images were shot in fabulous locations in arboretum “Opeka”, near Varazdin. Our forest fairy was beautiful young Laura Palazzari. But we also had another beautiful and obedient, cheerful model, young female greyhound – Keti. Everything was done in front of the camera of a photographer Mario Mavricek (Vision Photography). The whole story is designed and monitored with the watchful eye of designer Melita Kukec.

See all the fairy-tale scenes in the Gallery.

Environmentally and socially conscious Fashion ››

The first rays of sun in early spring tempt us to go out, take a walk through the woods and breathe in the fresh air.

The nature is waking up, but slowly so does our awareness of how our existence is dependent on the natural balance. Can you feel your existence within this magnificent ensemble which we call “nature”? Do you feel like its owner or just a piece of the puzzle?


In our human nature is that we love to own, we love having something to call our own. So we became the owners of water, forests, mountains, islands, animals and people … Since we own the nature, we believe that it is our right to change it an exploit it as we see fit. We call that “progress”.

But more and more we are becoming aware that our nature is not inexhaustible and that we are in many ways already gone too far. We all leave our footprints. Are you concerned about what products you use, the ways in which they come up to you and how their remains are going away from you? Each of us is just a piece of the puzzle. One ant can not do much, but the colony of ants which act together can overcome thousand times bigger and more dangerous opponents.

Einstein once said: ‘If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no pollination, no more plants, no animals, no more human. ”

As well as the bees, other bugs are here for a purpose. Though many of us do not like them, their buzzing irritates us, there are many of them all the same, it’s easy to crush a bug, they have no feelings …. But these little critters are responsible for the natural balance and are very useful. Perhaps they got no individual consciousness (though that is also arguably) but they have a huge collective consciousness. Find images with faces of the bugs and you will see that not every ant has the same face as another, nor is any mantis same as any other.

When I started making “Bugs” collection, the initial idea was to make only their portraits. Then i started exploring the faces of various bugs and their expressions. In the end I concluded that their faces are so unusual and interesting, but yet so unknown to the most of us.  Probably very few people could recognize the beetle just by looking at it’s face. If they would even be able to see that this is the creature from our Earth, and not on some “alien”. So I have decided to draw a beetle with it’s body, with the focus on the face.

When my drawings of the bugs were finished, I printed them on T-shirts in black. Over the black print, I hand-painted each beetle with colors for textiles, giving them individuality.

Girls can choose between a hardworking bee, glamorous butterfly or dangerous mantis, according to their own character. For boys playful grasshopper or persistent ant, and for the kids there is a butterfly, grasshopper, or bee. The fabric from which the shirts are made is pure cotton with eco-certificate.

Based on my designs and patterns, T-shirts were sewed by hardworking women from Humana Nova, socially responsible company from Cakovec. Humana Nova is dealing with the textile recycling and employing marginalized members of society, the disabled and women of middle age.

We like to be “Fashion conscious”, but if we are the same time environmentally and socially aware, we are building healthier and more just world. You can check our T-shirts in the Catalog and Fashion gallery here on the web page.


This Saturday Europa cinema in the center of Zagreb will become the first POP-UP CONCEPT STORE, modeled on similar projects around the world. The project was designed in collaboration between Croatian fashion site and fashion project Cro-a-porter.
Two floors of cult cinema Europe for one day will turn into a big department store. In the thought-out designer Corners Croatian designers will present their work, with the possibility of selling to interested visitors.
Kookabee design will also arrange its corner and introduce to the audience in Zagreb. We are looking forward and expect with impatience!

Kookabee in Lookbook of Croatian fashion designers! ››

For the first time, one of Kookabee’s evening dresses was chosen to be presented in ‘Lookbook,’ hosted by Croatian fashion designers @ We are very happy with the result. What do you think? 🙂

Kookabee design by Melita Kukec

Filming the new cover of the website ››

The Kookabee design website is having a complete make over! It is coming soon. We went into full swing preparing and organising the perfect photo-shoot, a great new design for the new cover.

That same day, a crew arrived from Slovenia to interview and film, fashion designer Melita Kukec and Kookabee studio, for a short film presentation called “Spirit,” which aims to encourage young people into entrepreneurship.

All events carried on simultaneously in deserted military clearing, a bakery and close to Kookabee design studio.

We asked exotic actress Nancy to model, who had graciously agreed and conducted herself with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. Photographer, Darko Vurusic and make-up artist, Diyala made ​​sure that everything went smoothly. The Musical background, the strength to carry the equipment and goodwill, was donated by Emil Herceg. All in all, a 10 out of 10! Thank you guys!

Result of the shooting are in gallery.