How a Dress is Made

Ideas and design

If you decide to entrust me with the creation of your special gown, whether it is a wedding, a Prom dress or any other occasion, it is particularly important that the model of the gown, is tailored specifically to you. Individually designed, with your needs and your figure in mind, but also your planned budget.

At our first meeting, we uncover your wishes, and accordingly discuss the base model of your dress. Once I understand your vision, the next step is making sketches and selecting the materials.


Materials play a very important role in creating your perfect dress, so we provide every assistance in making this happen. I choose materials very carefully from a selection of sources. I work with a number of trusted Croatian suppliers, several European suppliers, even extending to the far East for the finest silk. You can be confident that your dress will also be made of the best available materials, only from reliable sources.


Making and modelling of the pattern

Modelling the dresses and choosing the appropriate materials, requires special attention and detail. There is no single template that is applicable to all, so every dress is a fresh start, adhering to your exact shape and measurements.

First, a rehearsal dress is made from replacement materials, modelled directly on your body, so the dress is customized to the millimetre to fit your form. When happy with the dress, the original material is cut and then there is no subsequent re-drawing.



All Kookabee custom-made dresses are crafted in the Kookabee studio, with the utmost attention paid to the quality, workmanship and detail.

At the second rehearsal, your tailored dress is connected, so you already have a feel of the completed product. Yet only a few details are left unfinished, such as length of the dress.


Finished dress

You will walk away with, ‘the gown of your dreams’, handmade especially for you, to your exact measurements. This dress will make you feel wonderful, a little work of art, as unique as you are…

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