Melita Kukec

Melita Kukec holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design, obtained at the Faculty of Textile Technology in Zagreb, 2005.

Her creativity and eye for aesthetics have been evident from her earliest days and these skills only serve to compliment her flair for creating, pairing colors, materials and shapes. Melita spent years investing in the development of her own skills and talents, and then extending her experience, by working as a designer for several renowned Croatian fashion houses.

Only then, she finally felt ready to begin the realization of her own dream, by boldly opening her fashion studio, ‘Kookabee’ design. Since the beginning of 2010, Kookabee studio has been located in the premises known as the ‘Centre of Creative Industry’ in Varazdin, Croatia. This is where designer Melita Kukec can be found working intensively on various projects, personally involved in all aspects of the ‘design and creation’ process required, for exclusive textile production.

– Why Kookabee?

The name ‘Melita’ is derived from the Greek word meaning ‘Bee’, or one who brings honey. The surname, ‘Kukec’ in Croatian, means ‘bug’, creating an obvious connection. Besides her namesake, Melita also identifies with bees. As they diligently create premium products, so does Melita. Always working hard and striving to create pieces that are long lasting and top-quality.