Environmentally and socially conscious Fashion

The first rays of sun in early spring tempt us to go out, take a walk through the woods and breathe in the fresh air.

The nature is waking up, but slowly so does our awareness of how our existence is dependent on the natural balance. Can you feel your existence within this magnificent ensemble which we call “nature”? Do you feel like its owner or just a piece of the puzzle?


In our human nature is that we love to own, we love having something to call our own. So we became the owners of water, forests, mountains, islands, animals and people … Since we own the nature, we believe that it is our right to change it an exploit it as we see fit. We call that “progress”.

But more and more we are becoming aware that our nature is not inexhaustible and that we are in many ways already gone too far. We all leave our footprints. Are you concerned about what products you use, the ways in which they come up to you and how their remains are going away from you? Each of us is just a piece of the puzzle. One ant can not do much, but the colony of ants which act together can overcome thousand times bigger and more dangerous opponents.

Einstein once said: ‘If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No more bees, no pollination, no more plants, no animals, no more human. ”

As well as the bees, other bugs are here for a purpose. Though many of us do not like them, their buzzing irritates us, there are many of them all the same, it’s easy to crush a bug, they have no feelings …. But these little critters are responsible for the natural balance and are very useful. Perhaps they got no individual consciousness (though that is also arguably) but they have a huge collective consciousness. Find images with faces of the bugs and you will see that not every ant has the same face as another, nor is any mantis same as any other.

When I started making “Bugs” collection, the initial idea was to make only their portraits. Then i started exploring the faces of various bugs and their expressions. In the end I concluded that their faces are so unusual and interesting, but yet so unknown to the most of us.  Probably very few people could recognize the beetle just by looking at it’s face. If they would even be able to see that this is the creature from our Earth, and not on some “alien”. So I have decided to draw a beetle with it’s body, with the focus on the face.

When my drawings of the bugs were finished, I printed them on T-shirts in black. Over the black print, I hand-painted each beetle with colors for textiles, giving them individuality.

Girls can choose between a hardworking bee, glamorous butterfly or dangerous mantis, according to their own character. For boys playful grasshopper or persistent ant, and for the kids there is a butterfly, grasshopper, or bee. The fabric from which the shirts are made is pure cotton with eco-certificate.

Based on my designs and patterns, T-shirts were sewed by hardworking women from Humana Nova, socially responsible company from Cakovec. Humana Nova is dealing with the textile recycling and employing marginalized members of society, the disabled and women of middle age.

We like to be “Fashion conscious”, but if we are the same time environmentally and socially aware, we are building healthier and more just world. You can check our T-shirts in the Catalog and Fashion gallery here on the web page.