Photo shoot of the Wedding dresses for 2015.

We have just launch a new campaign of the Wedding Dresses for 2015.

This collection is characterized by gentle romantic wedding dresses, made of layers of silk, lace, tulle and brocade.

Every dress is sewn in Kookabee design studio in Varazdin, with the greatest care and craftmenship. Each new dress for us is a special challenge and the word “impossible” does not exist here.

This campaign is evoked fairytale and somewhat mystical images of the bride in retro style as forest fairy.

Images were shot in fabulous locations in arboretum “Opeka”, near Varazdin. Our forest fairy was beautiful young Laura Palazzari. But we also had another beautiful and obedient, cheerful model, young female greyhound – Keti. Everything was done in front of the camera of a photographer Mario Mavricek (Vision Photography). The whole story is designed and monitored with the watchful eye of designer Melita Kukec.

See all the fairy-tale scenes in the Gallery.